OneDrive Uploader

Free tool that provides a simple solution for uploading files and folders to OneDrive as easily as possible. Can be used as an alternative to integrated Microsoft OneDrive application or SDExplorer application. Allows to upload large files in the background and to use OneDrive as a backup drive on the cloud. Works well with Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10.

AI FlappyBird

New machine learning algorithm (MDQN, Multi Deep Q-Network). Deep reinforcement learning agent that plays Flappy Bird, 3D maze and Doom mini games. Publication "Survey of Deep Q-Network variants in PyGame Learning Environment." ICDLT 2018, ACM. 2018

Great Amber WebVR app

Web based Google cardboard VR experience of Architzer award winner concert hall "Great Amber". Built in JavaScript and Three.JS engine.

Great Amber VR app

Oculus DK2 and Leap Motion based VR experience of Architzer award winner concert hall "Great Amber". Built in C# and Unity engine.

ChromSword 5

AI Software for automated HPLC method development. Automatically controls HPLC instruments (chromatography & pharmaceutical research equipment).
Drivers for Waters, Agilent, Thermo, Shimazu, Hitachi. 
Built in C#, C/C++, Pascal.
Made for ChromSword.

Official goverment website of Latvia

Programming of website's highly cutomized CMS. Built in JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Drupal. Made for Asketic.

Satirical games

Series of Flash games as a satire about actual political events and other local news in Latvia/EU.

Mailboxing iOS game

A 3D game where you need to strike mailboxes with a baseball bat, avoid obstacles and run away from police.
Built in Objective-C, C/C++, Ogre engine.
Made for Asketic.

Text to speech app

Unique voice synthesizer for latvian language using diphones. Software sitting on Windows tray and can speak out selected text anywhere in system. Built in C/C++, OpenAL, Qt fw. Made for Rubuls & Co.

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