OneDrive Uploader

Free tool for Windows

Free tool that provides a simple solution for uploading files and folders to OneDrive as easily as possible. Can be used as an alternative to integrated Microsoft OneDrive application or SDExplorer application. Allows to upload large files in the background and to use OneDrive as a backup drive on the cloud. Works well with Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10.

In order to upload files to OneDrive open program, authorize your account and wait for it to synchronize your OneDrive folder structure. Then anywhere in the system in Windows File explorer press left button and "Upload to OneDrive..". Field "OneDrive Folder" has autocomplete function so you do not have to enter the whole path manually. 

Download latest version here: 



  • Bugfixes and updated OneDrive API for better stability

  •  In order to disable Windows built-in OneDrive integration check following links:

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