NFC Habit Tracker "Dory"

This is a small pocket size gadget to help to develop habits. The user is required to do predefined tasks/habits marked by NFC tags and collect corresponding LED lights on a gadget. It is made from Arduino, NFC reader and 3D printed shell.

Air-Source Heat pump robot

I have replaced Chinese made brains of air-source heat pump with my own microcontroller that makes whole system much more efficient even at very cold winter climate. It provides heating to water circulation system inside the house. All hardware and software parts are made open-source.

Robot Minion - robot for plants

Robot that sitting in a pot with a plant and watches if somebody is around. If you are in near proximity it will communicate plants needs to you.

Augmented Reality ping pong

Ping pong game made as a proof of concept using active infrared LED markers, Leap Motion and Oculus Rift DK2

Stand-up desk

Mechanical DIY table conversion to make a standing desk for your workplace.

Geodesic dome Greenhouse

DIY solution made out of wood and platic. Holds better against wind and nature elements.

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